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  • Something you can stand behind: Cause Branding

    A brand can be defined as the impression, both conscious and subconscious, that people have of your company. While a good brand helps you stand out from your competition, great brands connect with customers and prospects at an emotional level. One way that many leading companies are making that emotional connection is through “cause branding.”

    Quite simply, cause branding is when you make your community – or an issue in your industry -- part of your brand’s story. When you do so effectively, you can enjoy a number of benefits... Keep reading

  • Creating the Future of Manufacturing

    The next generation of manufacturers isn’t going to appear out of nowhere. We already know this – since many companies are still having trouble finding that next generation to fill open positions, despite the promise of job security and good pay. Increasingly, the industry is learning that it must take an active role in its future – that the next generation will be made, rather than found.

    Grooming tomorrow’s machinists, robotics engineers, aerospace designers, supply chain managers, and whatever new positions and skills the future may bring is difficult to do through on-the-job training. Keep reading

  • Know Your Leads: Using Nurturing Campaigns Effectively

    One of the primary benefits of online marketing is the opportunity to be there for prospective buyers at the moment they’re ready to buy. Your product information, your blog, your robust website – they all act in service of letting buyers find you (rather than vice versa). Keep reading

  • Unexpected Ways to Bridge the Manufacturing Skills Gap

    One of the major friction points in manufacturing’s resurgence over the past several years has been the well-documented “skills gap.” The shortage of the trained, skilled workers needed to fill new – and newly-vacant – positions is a recurring theme that provides a reality check in nearly every report of U.S. manufacturing’s return to prominence. Keep reading

  • 3 Website Lessons From Fantasy Football

    An estimated 32 million people will field a fantasy football team this year – a $1 billion industry. Platforms like ESPN and Yahoo continually refine their websites to create the best experience possible for their users. Their goal? To have users choose one over the other to run their league – and also to maximize the amount of time users spend on the site. These features are key to serving that purpose – and also relevant to building a quality industrial website. Keep reading

  • 9 Industrial Marketing Lessons From Hubspot’s Inbound 2013

    Industrial Marketer attended Hubspot’s Inbound 2013 marketing conference in Boston this week, and we’ve come back with a wall-to-wall information download of perspective-changing ideas for the possibilities of marketing today. Keep reading

  • 4 Reasons Why You Don't Need Content Marketing

    Creating or curating valuable, compelling content as a means to attract and retain customers isn’t necessarily the right move for every organization. So if any of the following four scenarios applies to your business, you are hereby exempt from pursuing a content marketing plan: Keep reading

  • First Steps: Getting Started With Industrial Marketing

    Whenever you send out an email, write an article, or even add a new page to your website, your first chance to grab an audience is with a headline. In the face of putting together an article or building a new web page, a brief headline can often seem like an afterthought. Actually, though, the headline or title is the most important part. If it’s not effective, it doesn’t matter what follows. The importance of initial steps and first impressions recurs through every area of your marketing plan. How you handle the beginning stages of a campaign or effort will set the stage for future success – or failure. Keep reading

  • How to Identify the 2 Most Important People In Your Marketing Plan

    Effective industrial marketing is rarely, if ever, an isolated undertaking. During the development stage, a group effort goes a long way, and once your plan is launched, you have your whole audience to consider. Out of all the players on the board, how do you figure out the two most important people? The keys to your entire plan? They might not be who you think. Keep reading

  • "Empathetic Design:” Marketing For (Not To) People

    What do the first computer mouse, the airplane lavatory “Occupied” sign, and a talking defibrillator have in common? Each was designed by the same firm – IDEO – and guided by the same philosophy: “empathetic design.” Empathetic design, or “design thinking,” is the idea of creating products based primarily on human behavior. That type of intuitive appeal can also spell the difference between a passable marketing plan, and one that has to potential to break out – whether through record-breaking leads, viral success, or a huge brand boost. Keep reading

  • Hit Your ROI Measurement Out of the Park

    Baseball’s recent All-Star Game means it’s the middle of summer and baseball season, and many of us are doing whatever we can to keep cool. Sweating over your marketing program shouldn’t be one of your concerns, though, so let’s take a look at how baseball can help with your ROI measurement.

    Even non-baseball fans are probably familiar with the basic statistics of the game: batting average, home runs, runs batted in (RBI), and so on. These numbers are similar to standard web metrics like site visitors, social media followers, and email list subscribers. How so? Keep reading

  • Mightier Than the Pen: Different Types of Content For Industrial Marketing

    How many different types of media – and content – do you encounter each day? Whether for business, personal consumption, or a combination of both, there are probably quite a few, and you respond to each one differently. Reading a blog post or news article, you might pay closer attention – or you may skim. Watching a quick video online, or the evening news when you get home, you might be taking a bit of a break – though your brain may be more “tuned in” to what you’re watching. Keep reading

  • 6 Reasons B2B Marketing is Easier Than Ever Today

    In many ways, B2B companies have it easier than ever – from planning through execution of a marketing program and beyond. The tools and tactics available today offer an unprecedented opportunity to power your business growth – let’s look at some. Keep reading

  • Putting In Time With Your Marketing Program

    A lot of marketing conversation focuses on speed: “high velocity” marketing plans, “shortcuts” to great content, “fast, easy” lead generation, and so on. At first glance, it’s very enticing – who doesn’t love a shortcut? The truth, though, is that every good marketing plan requires time, in one way or another. Keep reading

  • Driving the Industrial Marketing Conversation

    Marketing, at its best, has a lot in common with everyday conversation. There should be a flow. You should have a voice. And, just as if you were talking face-to-face with someone, you need to know your conversation partner – so you can communicate most effectively. Keep reading

  • The Top 5 Ways to Find Content for Industrial Marketing

    “My industry is boring.” “We’re not a very big shop.” “There aren’t many technological advances in what we do.” These are just a few of the common misconceptions that create content roadblocks for industrial marketing. All too many companies miss opportunities to connect because they aren’t sure how to truly engage with their customers. Keep reading

  • Reverse Engineering Marketing Metrics

    An old lathe sitting around your shop, not producing any parts and not contributing to your operation – it’s a no-brainer that you’ll soon get rid of it. It’s more than likely “earned its keep” in production, but it’s not helping anyone by gathering dust. Keep reading

  • The Language of Industrial Marketing

    Jargon has been getting a bad rap lately. The Content Marketing Institute recently went so far as to say that an over-reliance on “insider”-type language can derail your entire marketing program. In many ways, that’s true – but it’s not the whole story, especially for industrial marketing. Keep reading

  • B2C and B2B Marketing: They’re Closer Than You Think

    As everyday consumers bombarded with marketing and advertising messaging, it’s strange how difficult it can seem to crack the code of B2B marketing. The core concepts are the same: prove your products’ (and your) worth, promote awareness, create loyalty, and so on – but the products, the process, and the people involved are very different. Keep reading

  • Manufacturing Goes to the Movies

    The multiplex is not a place where you expect to see manufacturing in action, and it’s interesting see mainstream consumer advertising featuring designers talking about “electrochemical etching” and “CNC,” while showing those processes on the big screen. Keep reading

  • Small Business, Big Message: Marketing for SMBs

    For many small businesses, especially machine shops, marketing can slip to a minor concern near the bottom of a long list of higher priorities. The day-to-day concerns of maintaining your business - fulfilling quotes, working with suppliers and contractors, managing new sales, and of course, completing jobs - often leave no room to grow it. Keep reading

  • Demolish Creative Roadblocks With New Content Sources

    If you’re considering starting a content marketing strategy, odds are you’ve asked yourself where and how you will create all this content. The good news is that there are a lot of resources that you can tap for content that is valuable to buyers. Here are just a few examples... Keep reading

  • The Art of Selling Without Selling: Content Marketing

    There are a lot of ways to measure search engine optimization (SEO). The most prominent of these is an increase in visitor traffic. But for industrial businesses, things like a boost in traffic are not necessarily related to a rise in visits from qualified buyers. Here are two meaningful metrics for SEO... Keep reading

  • Metrics that Matter

    There are a lot of ways to measure search engine optimization (SEO). The most prominent of these is an increase in visitor traffic. But for industrial businesses, things like a boost in traffic are not necessarily related to a rise in visits from qualified buyers. Here are two meaningful metrics for SEO... Keep reading

  • How to Integrate SEO Into B2B Marketing

    Many tips and articles on how to bolster your SEO are aimed at B2C companies. While much of that advice translates over to B2B marketing for industrial businesses, there are some key differences worth noting. SEO is Not Sales Optimizing your website for search is important for any business that wants to be found by relevant buyers today. Even if you... Keep reading



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